Celixir, the brainchild of biotechnology leadership Ajan Reginald and Nobel Laureate Sir Martin Evans, is not only revolutionising the field of regenerative medicine, but is providing a platform for world class scientists devoted to developing stem cell therapies that will advance patient healthcare, bringing it well and truly into the 21st century, to create them. 

Celixir has achieved so much in its short existence. What was merely a figment of Ajan Reginald’s imagination a little over 10 years ago has fast grown to become a world renowned biotechnology company. A company that has created, through in house discoveries, over 20 tissue specific regenerative medicines. 

Celixir is focussed on developing various stem cell therapies and gene-based therapies that can potentially be used in the treatment of currently incurable diseases, or to aid in the treatment of diseases that need better management. 

This UK-based biotech company isn’t just looking to combat the number one cause of death in Western Europe – heart disease, it is actively leading the way, with support from the British Heart Foundation, with their cardiac regenerative medicine, Heartcel™. 

Heartcel™ is a treatment that targets patients with ischaemic heart disease who are currently undergoing coronary artery bypass graft. It specifically targets those patients who only have a 30% survival rate at 1 year. 

Whilst Heartcel™ is Celixir’s first stem cell treatment, it isn’t the only treatment they’ve developed. Undaunted by negative press, Celixir are forging ahead, their sights fixed on creating further stem cell therapies that could assist in all areas of medicine, including oncology, diabetes, orthopedics and dermatology. 

So what is it about Celixir and the hard work that this team of world class scientists are doing that really riles some people? 

Because it does. 

Their revolutionary research and developments should be lauded, and they are, just not everywhere, because for some people this exemplary company’s achievements are akin to a red rag to a bull. 

Celixir, a fledgling company that is leading the charge in the search for new and innovative ways to not just improve, but transform patient healthcare, not just in the UK, but worldwide, simply doesn’t sit well with some people, some trolls.

So what is it about Celixir’s advances in medical research that these trolls find so incredibly off putting? 

Is it the potential to uncover and develop life-saving and life-altering regenerative medicines that makes them want to hide behind their computers and spout vile stuff and nonsense in an attempt to besmirch the incredible work of these medical pioneers? 

Is it that patients with the greatest medical needs could finally receive a treatment that brings them peace that grates these trolls to their very core? 

Or could their wrath simply be motivated by jealousy? 

Because in truth, it isn’t the science or the marvelous work of this leading biotech company that is upsetting the trolls. It is just one person who has found himself in the crosshairs.

Ajan Reginald, former dentist turned biotech entrepreneur, to be exact. 

Ajan Reginald is a biotech entrepreneur with a medical background, a graduate of London Hospital School of Medicine and Dentistry with an MSc in Experimental Therapeutics and an MBA from the Kellogg Business School at Northwestern University; a former Boston Consulting Group Consultant and a Fulbright Scholar.

Ajan, who had to retire from practicing dentistry following a horrific sports injury that left his eyesight permanently damaged, who has since dedicated himself to pioneering stem cell research that has gone on to save countless lives, and which will continue to save lives, is the sole target of these vicious attacks.

Watching someone turn their life around so extraordinarily, as Ajan Reginald has done following his harrowing, life-changing injury, can be difficult for some people to accept. Especially if they themselves lack the drive and determination that he possesses. 

Maybe these trolls find it easier to attack those who put themselves out on a limb than it is to get out there themselves, preferring instead to rip the revolutionaries down in an attempt to smear them, rather than support them in their work and lift them up.

Or is it purely greed? Building a successful business that is a part of a $1bn industry can be too much for some people to stomach.

Who knows. 

Small mindedness has never been a concept that needed much thought after all. Why look at the bigger picture, at the millions of lives that could potentially be saved when you can try to destroy just one?

So, how about, rather than tear people apart who dare to push scientific boundaries, why not bolster them, because who knows what the future holds. Perhaps one day Celixir’s (Celixir LinkedIn)revolutionary medical breakthroughs will be the treatment that saves a troll’s life… that would be a fortuitous turn of events. 

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